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 RT Hygienic Shields

Total Hygienic Shields were designed for industrial & institutional use.

  • Covering Food, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Commercial, Distribution & Logistics and Food Retailers under the RT hygienic shield
  • We provide a complete cleaning solution, keep a close-knit workforce with shared values and devotion, and have the flexibility to respond quickly to urgent demands and requests. RT, an innovative cleaning specialist, generates something distinguish to the business and industry.

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What do you buy?

There are some things money can't buy


Cleaning, decontamination, sterilisation, permanent sterilisation sustainability, and complete eradication of all bacteria and germs.


equipment We'll take a closer look at some of the most common cleaning tools and equipment used by professionals. There's a lot that goes into keeping your premises clean, from simple tools like mops and brushes to more sophisticated ones like power washers and carpet extractors. Keep reading to find out more about the cleaning tools and equipment used by professional cleaners.

Training Courses

Having competent staff who aware scientific cleanliness and sterilization requirements for many different organisations and facilities.

What do you get?

Because you're worth


Value is the perceived worth of a product or service to the customer, which can be determined by aspects such as quality, brand, and customer experiences.

Cost Efficiency

RT is acting to save money by modifying a product or process to perform better. This is done to boost the organization's bottom line by reducing procurement costs and improving overall efficiencies.

Eco friendly Products

Adopting a green lifestyle can lower your risk of cancer, asthma, and other respiratory disorders through using eco-friendly goods that are free of hazardous chemicals and avoiding harmful substances.

Food and Beverage Industry

Chemicals must be used in food, during food manufacturing, and in food packaging to sustain its quality, provide nutritional value, improve texture and appearance, increase shelf life, and protect food from microorganisms that can contaminate it and make people sick. Chemicals applied on or within food must be safe.

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Institutional sector

Chemicals are employed in a variety of settings and applications, including factories, hospitals, hotels, stores, labs, offices, farms, and the home and garden. Chemicals you use at work may include products acquired for use in your primary business, equipment maintenance, or basic cleaning. There are numerous advantages to dealing with chemicals properly in the workplace.

1-Fewer injuries and diseases.

2-Save money and increase productivity.

3-Reduced the chance of property damage.

4. Improved staff morale, knowledge, and communication.

Restaurants and Catering sector

Restaurants & Catering play a crucial role in delivering a unique dining experience by utilizing detergents, maintaining food cleanliness, and ensuring a safe environment. However, the necessity of hygiene in restaurants extends beyond cosmetics and includes the health and safety of guests and employees. Detergents are essential for keeping hygiene and food safety regulations, and we shall go over their importance and usage in restaurants in depth below.

The relevance of detergents in restaurants:

1. Preventing infections and diseases: If hygiene is not practiced effectively in areas where food, customers, and workers congregate, germs and bacteria can spread swiftly.

2. Detergents help disinfect surfaces and tools. As a result, the risk of infection transmission is reduced.

3. Compliance with health regulations: Regulators set high standards for restaurants to ensure food and environmental safety.

3. Commitment to cleanliness enables eateries to meet these criteria and avoid penalties.

4. Establishing trust and reputation: Customers expect restaurants to be clean and sanitary. Detergents help to establish customer trust and reputation by making them feel comfortable and comforted when eating in a clean setting.

5. Cleanliness contributes to a better customer experience. Clean and elegant settings enhance the dining experience and make consumers feel as if they are enjoying their meal.

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Poultry Farming Industry

For optimal production results, poultry farms have to strive for a high level of health. This can be accomplished by implementing an effective biosecurity program  and establishing a tight cleaning and disinfection regimen for the farm.

Hygiene is an important aspect of your farm's biosecurity program  as it protects it from external illnesses and prevents germs from spreading within the farm.

The primary causes of infection are

Direct contact with sick animals.

Indirect contact with infectious animal faeces

Other species of animals include birds, rodents, and insects...

Feed, water, and excrement.

For the farm manager, therefore, making the appropriate decisions for his or her farm is a highly complex process that entails taking into account all of the traits of modern poultry rearing.


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